Ava & Carol Detective Agency

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Middle-Grade Mystery Series for Girls

Ava & Carol Detective Agency Series

children's detective mystery for kids

Book 1: The Mystery of The Pharaoh’s Diamonds

Ruthless international diamond smugglers think they’ve gotten away with the perfect crime, stealing the famous Ramesses diamonds from the Hancock Museum of Archeology. Until…

Twelve-year-olds Ava and Carol explode onto the scene. Bursting at the seams with energy and sass, the humbly hip duo is determined to catch the bad guys and return the stolen jewels.

It’s a race against time as the girls realize the thieves plan on smuggling the diamonds out of the country. If they don’t hurry, the bad guys will get away and the priceless diamonds may be lost forever!

children's detective mystery for kids

Book 2: The Mystery of Solomon’s Ring

Which would you choose? Helping an old man that’s being kidnapped, or endless plates of delicious pasta?

Ava and Carol were about to take a stroll through Italy, when an old man is chased down and then thrown into the back of a car. At the last second, using sign language he sends a secret message to the girls.

The girls hide in the shadows as the car races away. Fearing for the man’s life, the girls begin to track down clues. Only what they discover this time, is a religious relic that has magical powers. Suddenly evil and powerful villains are chasing them. The clues lead to France, where Ava and Carol are thrust into a secret battle between the Knights Templar and a group of Criminals that will stop at nothing, to get Solomon’s Ring.

children's detective mystery for kids

Book 3: The Haunted Mansion

It’s Christmas – so why not accept a dare to explore a creepy old haunted house?

Fearless best friends Ava and Carol set out to prove that the Butcher house isn’t haunted. Only, Carol is pretty sure she saw something inside one of the windows – and moments later they are chased by a headless monster!?

The girls receive an ominous threat, Stay Away or Else! Now, more than ever the girls are determined to find out who is trying to scare them away. But before they can continue their investigation, a string of mysterious robberies take place. The thieves simply vanish without a trace.

Join Ava and Carol as they race against time to track down a headless monster terrorizing the neighborhood, solve the mystery behind the Butcher house and stop a band of ruthless thieves before they strike again!

children's detective mystery for kids

Book 4: Dognapped

When a famous show dog “Mr. Binxley” is stolen, twelve-year-old detectives, Ava and Carol jump at the opportunity to track down the dognapper.

A strand of hair, a giant shoeprint – the girls begin putting together a series of clues and suspects that lead them closer to the bad guy. But just when they think they’ve figured everything out, a new clue is revealed that changes everything. Suddenly the girls are back to square one, and time is running out for Mr. Binxley.

Join Ava and Carol in book four of the exciting Ava and Carol Detective Agency series. Children of all ages will enjoy this fast paced book.

Dognapped showcases Ava and Carol’s investigative and forensic skills as they dust for fingerprints, collect and analyze hair samples, cast footprints, create a hidden camera and use mobile apps and the internet to help catch the criminals.

children's detective mystery for kids

Book 5: The Eye of God

For Ava and Carol, the famous pair of middle school sleuths, even a casual visit to the National Gallery of Art can lead to a mystifying and pulse-racing adventure.

In The Missing Painting, the girls team up with local police and a museum security guard to unlock the clues behind a painting that’s missing, yet still there, and a painting that’s there…but really not? And what about that strange old lady they saw lurking on the premises?

The mystery only deepens for the two super-sleuths as they uncover more clues locked in a painting itself, pointing to a legendary “eye” that somehow connects to an old church. From there, a bountiful treasure waits to be found! Yet, danger lurks ahead as the girls match wits with some malicious-minded criminals willing to do anything to get their hands on the riches.

A battle that draws in Ava’s parents and puts her dad in an assassin’s crosshairs leads the girls across the famous James River and ultimately into some serious mall mayhem. Will Carol and Ava get to the treasure in time, save Ava’s father, and put the bad guys where they belong? Follow the clues in The Missing Painting and find out!

children's detective mystery for kids

Book 6: The Crown Jewels Mystery

What could be more thrilling than solving a hundred-year crime?

Ava and Carol enter a contest where the stakes are high. Find the famed Irish Crown Jewels and win a $10,000 prize. If anyone can locate these priceless treasures, it’s Ava and Carol, middle school super sleuths extraordinaire.

The girls, along with their friend Derik, embark on an adventure to solve the mystery of the missing jewels. If they win, they agree to use the reward money to help a mother with a physically challenged child get a much-needed surgery.

Ava and Carol uncover secrets hidden within historical landmarks. Join the girls as they trek across Concord and Lexington, Massachusetts and compete with other contestants, some of whom have nefarious intentions.

One mystery soon leads to another, forcing Ava, Carol, and Derik to use every detective skill they possess to crack the clues, and stay ahead of the competition.

Book 7: The Curse of the Red Devil

The Amazon Jungle is dangerous enough, filled with venomous snakes, poisonous insects and man-eating caiman.

Add to that, a local legend of a Devil that can steal your soul just by looking into its eyes, and a group of smugglers bent on wreaking havoc on the Rainforest, and you’ve got all the ingredients for Ava and Carol’s Brazilian Jungle Vacation.

Ava, Carol, and fellow campers traverse a rickety bridge of death. They fight for survival during an apocalyptic thunderstorm. And most frightening of all, they come face to face with the Red Devil! This encounter sucks them into a dangerous smuggling scheme. Gustavo, Raul, and Franco the Bull are stealing and breeding exotic birds and selling them on the black market.

Teaming up with a jungle-savvy local boy named Daniel, Ava and Carol embark on their most dangerous Amazon adventure of all: defeating the lowlife poachers. The young heroes brim with clever plans and fierce determination, but are they a match for cold-hearted villains armed with guns and knives?

Will Ava and Carol succeed in their mission…or even make it out of the Amazon alive? Find out in The Curse of the Red Devil.

Book 8: The Witch's Secret

Was Alice Scarlett a witch? Did she leave behind a secret message that revealed the location of a vast treasure?

When Ava and Carol discover an ancient locket, the townspeople of Tempest, Maine begin to act strangely. The girls begin to investigate the story of Alice Scarlett. Danger creeps in slowly from every direction as they work through the clues. Ava and Carol find themselves matching wits with two dangerous criminals bent on finding Alice’s mysterious treasure—whatever the cost.

Join Ava and Carol along with their new friend Haylee as they race to solve the clues before the bad guys and to clear Alice’s family name.

Book 9: The Christmas Thief

Move over Santa! This year, Ava and Carol are figuring out who’s naughty or nice. A Christmas Special Edition

There’s a time of year that’s full of cheer–but this December, not everything is quite so merry for Ava and Carol Detective Agency. For their holiday house-sitting gig has gone ho-ho-horribly wrong, and now Mr. Parker’s prized painting is missing! With Christmas Eve approaching, the girls have little time to tie this burglary up in a bow, and so they’ll need some help from their best friend Derik.

Using state-of-the-art hacking skills and the trained brains of the best super-sleuths in the business, Ava and Carol set out to unwrap this mystery. However, when the trail of clues leads them to a devastating personal discovery, all bets are off on whether this Christmas will be very merry after all. How can the girls reconcile terrible deeds when they are done by good people? And how can they turn their backs on a friend at a time like this?

Only with quick-thinking, fast fingers, and big hearts will Ava, Carol, and Derik retrieve the painting in time and put the real bad guys away for good.

children's detective mystery for kids

Book 10: The Mystery of the Egyptian Pyramid

While Ava’s mom, a world-renowned journalist is investigating the historical records behind King Tut’s discovery, Ava and Carol accidentally, on purpose, become entangled in their own mystery.

They witness an older Egyptian man attempting to convince a police investigator that he is being watched, but his words fall on deaf ears. Ava, who can’t stand to see sad old men, offers their assistance. Omar, the old man, warns them that it’s too dangerous, but that only makes the girls more anxious to help.

Once on the case, the girls discover why Omar is being watched. He has an ancient map with clues that lead to a stolen treasure that had been passed down from King Tut’s grandfather to the boy king himself. As the girls unravel the clues, the thieves become more desperate. If Ava and Carol find the treasure first, they’ll turn it over to the Egyptian government.

In a twisty game of cat and mouse, the girls must use all their investigative skills and creativity to find the treasure before the bad guys, and rescue Omar, who had suddenly disappeared.

Ava & Carol Detective Agency Bundles

children's detective mystery for kids

Bundle 1: Books 1-3

If you enjoy Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys and the Boxcar Children, you’ll love the ‘Ava and Carol Detective Agency’ series, a thrilling mystery series for children of all ages.

Praise for The Ava and Carol Detective Agency Series:

‘It was rip roaring fun, it moved at a great pace, and my daughters (8 and 12) loved it!’

‘A really fun book. Reminds of the books that got me hooked on reading as a kid. It’s a children’s series but even adults will enjoy it.’

This exclusive box set includes:
◆ The Mystery of the Pharaoh’s Diamonds
◆ The Mystery of the Solomon’s Ring
◆ The Haunted Mansion

mystery books for girls 9-12 bundles

Bundle 2: Books 4-6

If you enjoy Nancy Drew, historical fiction and crime-solving mysteries, you’ll love the ‘Ava and Carol Detective Agency’ series, a thrilling mystery series for children of all ages.

Praise for The Ava and Carol Detective Agency Series:

‘I enjoyed the pacing, resolution and how they used real criminal science methods to find clues and discover who did it. It reminded me of Encyclopedia Brown.’

‘This is an excellent middle school read with great characters and a wonderful storyline to keep the young mind engaged.’

This exclusive box set includes:
◆ Dognapped
◆ The Eye of God
◆ The Crown Jewels Mystery

mystery books for girls 9-12 bundles

Bundle 3: Books 7-9

There’s nowhere for crime to hide that these two won’t find!

As ace detectives with advanced hacking, deciphering, and tech skills, Ava and Carol have come a long way in their mission to save the day. Now faced with mysteries even more sinister and complicated than ever before, these two face off against some vile villains and holiday heels. From deep within the heart of the Amazon, to their own front doors, evil seems to be everywhere, and it’s no match for Ava and Carol Detective Agency!

Journey to some of the most exciting and interesting locations yet, as you take this mystery machine on the road! Learn all new techniques for solving crimes as you grow from gumshoe to ace investigator alongside Ava, Carol, and friends. The time has come to take up the case once again! Are you in, detective?

Outwit outlaws, bag some bandits, and uncover secrets of the past as you jump from one mystery to the next in this third bundle set in the hit series. Aide your favorite detective duo in three all-new action-packed adventures that are sure to delight!

What awaits you inside the bundle set?
Adventure, mystery, and the following three titles:
◆ The Curse of the Red Devil
◆ The Witch’s Secret (A Halloween Story)
◆ The Christmas Thief

Ava & Carol Detective Agency Extras

Rainforest Animal Guide

In Ava and Carol’s adventure, The Curse of the Red Devil, they travel to the Amazon Rainforest to attend Camp Adventura in Brazil. This book gives an exciting in-depth look at the amazing wildlife they discover in the Amazon jungle.

The Rainforest Animal Guide explores twenty different animals, insects and birds with over 80 exciting pictures. If your child loves nature and learning about exotic animals, then they will enjoy this beautiful book.

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